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Some of our items are one size fits all such as Coffee Dress, Formal Dress and Overcoats.

While other items such as Mens shirts have standard sizes S, M, L, XL.

Please get your measurements for the below areas, and call us using this we'll advise you and help you select the right size.

Bust: Measure around the fullest part of bust under arms with arms relaxed down at sides.
Chest: Measure around chest just under arms across shoulder blades with arms relaxed down at sides.
Coat/Dress Length: Measure from the highest point of the shoulder down.
Height: Measure from top of head down standing barefoot on a hard flat surface with normal posture.
Hips: Measure around fullest part of body at the top of legs with feet together.
Inseam: Measure from inside crotch seam to the hem of pants that fit you well.
Waist: Measure around natural waistline which appears as crease when bending to one side.
Neck: Measure around fullest part of neck.
Rise: Measure from the crotch to top of waistband.
Skirt Length: Measure from the waist down. Skirts are measured from enter front. Skirts with waistbands are measured from seams down. Skirts without waistbands are measured from top down.
Sleeve: Measure from center back of neck, over point of shoulder, and down outside of arm past elbow to wrist with arm relaxed at side. - by Safari Ethiopian Store in Los Angeles
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Please Note: as these items are handmade items, there may be slight variations in size & specific design availability.